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Monday, May 21, 2012

Jayce Delker's Love Of Vintage Radios

Meet Jayce Delker, a teen who has a love for vintage radios.

Jayce collects 1920s, through early 1960s, tube and transistor radios. He restores them and makes them work like new. Jayce has about 60 or 70 radios in his collection. The oldest is a 1927 Atwater-Kent model 44 made in Philadelphia. Visit Jayce's booth at Hodge Podge where he sells refurbished and working antique radios.  Jayce also works at Hodge Podge a few hours a week. If you catch him there, you will delight in his stories about his old radios. Visit Jayce's website and view many of his favorite radios. Watch video clips explaining many of the features of each on his YouTube site Jayce's Vintage Radios.

The vintage radio above is a 1957 Grundig 3028 tube radio, made in West Germany and fully restored by Jayce. It was featured on the American Pickers on History's Facebook  page last March.

Currently Jayce is working on his boy scout eagle project. It is going to be an antique radio display at the Monroe Art Guild. The display cabinet will have a jukebox feature with a computer that has music, radio shows, and historic broadcasts from each decade that is being displayed. ('20s, '30s, '40s, '50s.) The display will be in June at 205 South Broad Street, Monroe, Ga. 30655. Contact Monroe Art Guild for exact date and time.

Click on the video and listen to some classic old time radio music!

Photos of Jayce's booth at Hodge Podge.